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    Academic Misconduct

    1. For text academic misconduct

    We will conduct the academic misconduct inspection of all incoming manuscripts in the first review stage and the imitated acceptance stage. If any academic dishonorable behaviors are found such as plagiarism, falsification, and interpolation, or the manuscripts exceed the standard repetitive rate (the repetitive rate of summarized articles exceeds 25%, and the repetitive rate of research articles exceeds 20%), the manuscripts will be declined and returned back to the author.
    For manuscripts sponsored by fund project, once accepted, the name of the fund project and fund serial number cannot be changed or deleted, if not, will be considered as academic dishonorable behaviors.

    2. Academic misconduct in submission and publication

    We firmly resist actions such as duplicate submission, repetitive publication, and separate publication, actions above once be found, articles will be declined and returned back to author immediately.
    Duplicate submission means same article or several articles with little differences (such as title of article, keywords, abstract, order of authors, organizations of authors, or little differences of the article text) are submitted to multi-journals, or submit articles to other periodicals within 6 months of the last submission (for our publication, if there are no any acceptance notifications within 6 month on the day of submission, authors are allowed to handle the articles on their own).
    Repetitive publication means author massively uses contents already been published in his past publications, or repetitively submit the same published article with no or little changes without any declaration.
    Separate publication means author separately publish several units of an article which can be published as a whole article, and actually is based on the same research results of topic, database, and information.

    In order to protect the quality and reputation of < Natural Gas and Oil > periodical, and be responsible to all our authors, we will hold the right to ask authors to take all responsibilities. We would like all our authors to raise your vigilance, and strictly follow the regulations.

    Publication Ethics

    1. Editor Responsibilities

    1) Must not disclose any information about a submitted manuscript to anyone other than the corresponding author, reviewers and publisher;
    2) Publish corrections, clarifications, retractions and apologies when needed;
    3) Unpublished materials disclosed in a submitted manuscript must not be used in an editor’s own research without the explicit written content of the authors;
    4) Strive to meet the reasonable needs of readers and authors;
    5) Seek to constantly improve the journal;
    6) Maintain the academic integrity;
    7) Should require reviewers to disclose any potential competing interests before agreeing to review a submission;
    8) Should seek to ensure a fair, appropriate and timely peer-review process;
    9) Should have systems to ensure the confidentiality of the submissions at the peer-review process.

    2. Reviewer Responsibilities

    1) Should assist the editor in making editorial decisions;
    2) For potential submissions, should assist the author in improving the manuscript through the editorial communication with the author;
    3) Should immediately notify the editor to alternative reviewers when feels unqualified to review manuscript or knows that its timely review will be impossible;
    4) Should be confidential to any manuscript received for review;
    5) Should ensure a objective, fair and appropriate peer-review process to every manuscript;
    6) Should immediately notify the editor if suspect misconduct in any manuscript, and assist the editor to conduct a proper investigation into alleged misconduct.

    3. Author Responsibilities

    1) Resist any misconduct consciously;
    2) When discovers a significant error or inaccuracy in his/her own published work, it is the author’s obligation to promptly notify the editor and cooperate with he/she to either retract the paper or to publish an appropriate correction statement or erratum;
    3) Ensure there is no secret-involved information in the manuscript.

    For all parties involved in the act of publishing (the editors, the peer-reviewers and the authors), it is necessary to agree upon the above publication ethics.
    Editorial Department of < Natural Gas and Oil >

    2.Study on the impact of hydrogen-blended natural gas on process safety of pipeline transmission
    CHEN Junwen1, TANG Xiaoyong1, CHEN Qinglai2, TAO Keyu3, SHEN Guiyu1, LI Tianlei1
    [Abstract]    [Download]
    5.Numerical simulation of recirculation heater in MRU system
    HU Kai1, WU Wei1, ZOU Di2, YANG Baoan2, ZHU Xiaoli3, LIU Zongyuan1
    [Abstract]    [Download]
    9.Research and applications on shale gas geologic-engineering fracness evaluation method
    JIANG Tingxue1,2, LU Baoping1,2, ZUO Luo1,2, BIAN Xiaobing1,2
    [Abstract]    [Download]
    10.Business development and inspiration of global deep water exploration and development
    LIU Xiaobing1, DOU Lirong1,2, WAN Lunkun1, HE Zhengjun1, WANG Zuoqian1, GAO Feng1
    [Abstract]    [Download]
    11.A new method for calculating recovery of tight gas reservoir considering non-Darcy seepage
    HE Wenfa1, YANG Guojun1, ZENG Li1, CHEN Weimin1, ZHA Bei1, WANG Qingpeng2, WANG Zheng2
    [Abstract]    [Download]
    13.Study on dynamic sealing evaluation of carbonate gas storage cap rock
    TENG Zhenchao1, ZHANG Pinjin1, JIA Shanpo2, XU Meng3, ZHANG Guangquan4, JIA Yuewei4
    [Abstract]    [Download]
    15.Research on corrosion mechanism of pipe elbow with weld overlay using different corrosion-resistant alloys in shale gas field
    LIU Jun1, LI Musong2, CHEN Bowen3, ZHANG Fufeng4, ZAN Linfeng1, TANG Xin1, MA Jingxuan4
    [Abstract]    [Download]
    17.Development status and prospect of direct heating system of heat pump driven by wind energy
    QI Congying1, CHENG Haoli1, JIANG Wei2, REN Ming3, CHEN Qiang4, FAN Yu1, CAI Fengfeng1
    [Abstract]    [Download]
    19.Study on total factor productivity Malmquist index of petrochemical industry from the perspective of China's industrial sector
    HE Gang1, Dongphil CHUN1, LIU Haifeng2, ZHANG Xuepeng3, QI Fajin3, YIN Xu3, BAI Dongdong3, CHEN Biny
    [Abstract]    [Download]
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